Kidzania Jakarta
Kidzania Jakarta, Race Track, Briefing Area

My Family went to KidZania, on Sunday, Dec 15th 2019, along with some other families and friends; Afeyfa, Awan, Wibi, Wicak, from my school. My dad would not even think of visiting KidZania if we were not being asked by moms from the school since there was a huge discount for a group visit. We have actually have visited KidZania before going to Australia in 2014. My little brother was just 6 months age at that time, so he could not even be involved in any activity, so it was all about me,,, 🙂

My dad told me it was not about the price. It was about Rp. 250.000 at that time, as far as I could remember. When we visited yesterday, the website told that the ticket price for kids is Rp. 295.000 while for parents will cost Rp. 235.000 each. But, since we got a group visit discount, we get a flat price Rp. 75.000 per pax. A huge discount right,,,?

Dad says the normal price does not seem logical for the playing occasion we could get. We normally must wait in line for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get playing in a post. So the worst we could get would be 2 playing/post in 3 hours, roughly. I actually do not mind this because in some posts, less favourable post, I did not wait for too long.

Pink Paradise at Pacific Palace Mall Jakarta
Taking a picture at the ground floor of Pacific Palace Mall, there was a PINK PARADISE theme during our visit

During our visit, I was able to play some post like playing doctor, baby sitter, detective, secret agent, chef, racing, etc while my little brother was only playing Dentist and Fire Fighting. He and I also made a Driving License actually. Those Dentist and Fire Fighting were the most favourable and longest waiting line. My Brother, and my mom, probably waited for an hour to get a five minutes fire fighting action,,, 🙁 That bothers my dad the most,,, LOL

It was so fun playing with friends. Others than being a doctor, track racer, baby sitter, and secret agent, I was actually wanted to play pilot and rock climbing, but the line was too long so we skipped.

There are some of the pic taken during the visit:


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