Perisher, Snowy Mountain, NSW Australia
Perisher, Snowy Mountain, NSW Australia

I was exploring my dad’s phone and found his folder full of our picture when we visited Snowy Mountain at Perisher Australia in July 2015 when My Dad took his second Masteral Degree. I think it is part of New South Wales territory. Perisher is located north of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. It took us approximately 4 hours drive in 4 wheels chained tires to get there. The chain required since there are usually “Black Ice” along the road. I saw many warning on Black Ice along the way but I could not notice any, probably because “It is BLACK”,,, LOL,,,,

Perisher Snowy Mountain NSW Australia
Perisher Snowy Mountain NSW Australia

My little brother was just 14 months at that time. He can barely walk. He likes being pulled on TOBOGAN (We borrow it from Om Widhi,,, :):

I like TOBOGGAN very much, but my mum was more. She was super excited:

Tired of toboggan at Perisher Valley, we proceed uphill to the Perisher creek. I have been a huge fan of “Olaf of Frozen” and dedicatedly bring my own carrot for the Nose, and here is my Olaf:,,, Well, not much of a SNOWMAN,,,, 🙂

Snowman at Perisher Creek

It was my, ours actually, first experience on Ice. I thought that snow is just soft like cotton. My dad told me that after I Have played for half an hour I was telling my Dad: It’s not fun dad,,,. My Dad asked: why,,,?. I Answered: It’s cold,,,,, LOL.

Perisher Creek
Perisher Creek; I love you Dad,,,


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